Well, as of today I have now moved all of my existing naked hiking photos and videos over to my account on NaturallyNudist.net.

It is there that I have also been adding my more recent and latest naked hiking/camping adventures, while not posting them here, so if you've been checking here for newer additions of mine, you'll find them on the new site instead. Just this past week, in fact, I enjoyed a 3-day naked camping adventure with another friend and posted photos from that on the newer site.

While I will leave this site up indefinitely so that existing external links to this site remain intact, I have no plans to post any further updates to this site.

I hope that you'll come on over and explore NaturallyNudist.net, because along with all of my own content there, you'll already find hundreds of other nudist enthusiasts who have joined and are starting to participate on various levels as well. We hope that you'll want to join in too!


AKA NakedHikerNW
NaturallyNudist.net is finally open!

It's a new social networking site for those interested in nudism. I've started moving some of my content from here over to my new profile there.

If you're interested, give it a look!

Update: 18 March

As of today I have now moved the Photo sets and Videos from several of My Naked Hikes and all of My Other Nakedness over to my new account (NakedHikerNW) on NaturallyNudist.net. The balance here will soon be moved as well. I will no longer be adding anything new to this site, only to my new account on this other site.
It was a year ago today that I setup this website!

It was all very spontaneous, and since then I've had a fun time sharing my naked adventures here with anyone else who is interested.

Shortly, I'm going to embark on the next step for me in all of this; a completely new website where, in addition to continuing to do what I've been doing here, I plan to also try and build a larger community of like-minded folks who are interested in nudism.

It remains to be seen if the new site will work, but I'm sure that I'll have fun trying. At the least, I do anticipate another good year of naked hiking in and around the great northwest here, as well as in Central CA. I'm already off to a fine start, having got in 3 nice little hikes already in just the past month.

More to come soon.
While I continue to be in the great northwest for another week, the current long range weather forecast doesn't look very conducive to hiking naked, so I'm not expecting any additional hikes up here this time around. I'll be back in Central CA next week though, where the weather has been looking quite nice for it. I have it in mind to explore another area just outside of Fresno for my next naked hike. Lower elevations in the local mountains there should be starting to open up a bit as well.

I'm also happy to report continued behind-the-scenes progress over at naturallynudist.net, where things are beginning to take shape. I plan to move all of my stuff here over to that newer platform as soon as it's ready. Could be any time now. I've never really been all that happy with this platform here, though I guess it has served it's purpose well enough for starters.
Today I got in yet another new naked hike!

Powerline Road

Details to follow...

Update: Hike info including photos and video now posted.
I've now finished posting the new page on yesterday's naked hike here in Western Washington.

Washington Tree Farm
I'm back in Western WA for a few weeks again, itching for a nice weather day so that I can go hike naked somewhere!

It won't have to be much, nor even all that warm, as along as it's not raining, the wind isn't blowing, and there's at least an occasional ray of sunshine to be felt. That's not asking for too much, is it?

Today even looks like it may have potential along these lines. 

Time will tell...

Update: Well, as it turns out, I just got in a little naked hiking today! Nothing special, but anything at all at this time of the year is a treat to me. I took some pictures, as always, so as soon as I have time to start putting this new page together, that will be coming along.
Yesterday marked my first naked hike of 2013!

Fresno Foothills

This was an easy, half-day stroll up a quiet valley between gently rolling hills, and which I only just recently discovered lay just minutes outside of Fresno here. In fact, I parked my car no more than one mile from where I normally turn around while on foot during my daily, in-town hikes -- where I need to wear shorts (source of my tan lines).

So far I've only posted photos from this hike. Video to follow soon.

Update: Video now posted!
Weather continues to improve, so I've been out doing a lot of daily hikes -- in town where I must wear shorts -- getting back in shape for more adventurous trips to the mountains soon. Snow is gradually melting and I expect to start venturing out to at least lower elevations soon.

Of course, doing all this daily hiking in shorts and sunshine means my apparently-notorious tan lines are getting really strong again. Funny, and because this continues to come up with people.

I'm not sure what it is about tan lines, and why I can't stop talking about it, but probably because others can't seem to stop talking about it. It's something that seems to be very polarizing with folks out there, especially in the so-called nudist community.

Some can't seem to stand to look at anyone with tan lines. Many of them, because they see it as being a violation of some ridiculous tenet of nudism they have in their mind. Others couldn't care less, or like me, actually find the sight of tan lines to be a nice thing. Tan lines actually say to me, "Hey, that person is enjoying being naked outdoors for a change. How great!" It accentuates the fact that they are naked, when, like for many of us, those opportunities are relatively rare in our lives. It's all in how you look at it, I guess.

I can't help but keep coming back to the fact that being a "nudist" means something different to all of us. For so many, it seems, it's this all-or-nothing thing, where you're not a "real nudist" unless you're naked all day every day, which means that if you have tan lines, you are most definitely "not one of us!" I find this arrogance and condescension to be annoying, as I've noted before, but it's unfortunately widespread on the various nudist sites that I've seen over the past year since I started exploring them. Even just recently, on one of those sites, I saw a topic being posted in the form of a question asking, and I'm paraphrasing as I don't have the exact quote, 'why are so many nudists afraid to be nude all the time?'. This struck me as another one of these "if you're not nude all the time, you're not one of us" statements.

Hey, it's not either/or, it's not black or white, there are no rules to this, so please just get off your high horse and respect that fact that, for most of us, our lives dictate that we can only spend limited time recreating in the nude.

I like to "hike naked". That's when I get naked; when I can get away from the crowds, to some wilderness trails where few others are to be seen, and the few you do see don't seem to have a problem with people hiking naked. I can't do that every fucking day of my life, or even every week. It's rare, in fact. But that's the degree of enjoying nudity that works for me in my life. And I dare say that, for most people, it's probably the same in terms of limited opportunities for nudity. So why judge others just because they don't have the same lifestyle as you do! Why put condescending names on them like "cotton tail"? It's just really offensive to me to be judged like this by some others.

Okay, I've ranted on this topic enough before already. And I wouldn't have brought it up again now had it not been for a couple of emails from one person the past couple of days, who can't seem to talk about anything but tan lines and question how you can be a nudist and have them. Ugh!

I'm just going to say it one more time. There are no rules to this, and we all just do it in whatever way and to whatever degree that it works for us. So please just stop judging people on how they choose to do it, and the fact that some may have tan lines. My god, how superficial, shallow and self-righteous can you be. Get a life and enjoy it on your own terms and stop telling others that they aren't doing it right, because they aren't doing it by YOUR terms.

Anyway, I can't wait to do some naked hiking again. I'm just chomping at the bit for my first opportunity to show off my newly-recharged, eye-popping tan lines! ;-)

PS: My new website project, which has been in the works for months now, continues to move forward much slower than I would have hoped, but progress does continue. It's just a really challenging project to get up and working, but it's definitely still coming...soon.
It's my birthday!

The weather has been improving here in Central CA, and I'm thinking about hiking again!

Well, it's not quite that warm yet up in the local mountains and there's still a lot of snow in the way, but it's getting there. In the mean time the sun has been out and temperatures have been conducive to daily local hikes here in Fresno, so I've been working on beefing up my tan lines in the interim!

I do tend to be somewhat cold-blooded and don't mind hiking naked when it's flat cool out, as long as there are some suns rays to be felt and no breeze to cause wind chill. In fact, this time last year I was hiking naked in Western WA with snow on the ground in places. I'll take it when I can get it!

Speaking of which... I'm wondering who's going to give me that birthday spanking thing today!